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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions to Ask When Shopping for Health Insurance

Knowing what information to ask is the key to finding the right health insurance policy. To get you started, here are five questions you should keep in mind when looking for healthcare plans.


Avoid These Common Health Insurance

Shopping for medical insurance takes a lot of time.
Between comparing and evaluating premiums and coverage, choosing the first policy that sounds good can be extremely tempting...


Top 3 Things to Know About Supplemental Dental Insurance

If you are in need of a dental insurance plan, we have good news for you. Shopping all of your options can be simple if you know the basics. The top three things you need to know...


How to Choose the Best Medicare Supplement Plan

Original Medicare can leave gaps in your coverage. These can leave you on the hook for many out-of-pocket costs, but there are products that can help. Medicare Supplement plans help fill the gaps...